Meet the second SWG Fintech batch startups

What’s common to lightning detectors, rejected loan applications, GDPR requests and digital escrow services? This is just a brief sneak peek into nine startups that have gotten through a tough selection process among 200 others and are selected for the second Startup Wise Guys Fintech acceleration program in collaboration with Swedbank.

2nd Startup Wise Guys Fintech batch and friends on the program opening day

The second Fintech program has brought together founders from nine different countries. Along with the more usual suspects from Latvia and nearby countries, there are also startups coming from UK, US and even Ghana — a first-timer in Startup Wise Guys portfolio. Accelerator’s experience, access to network of investors and access to market have been among the most common reasons for joining the program. For non-EU founders, acceleration in Baltics usually serve as a great gateway entering European market and building network of trusted connections.

Here they are — our second Fintech batch that for the next three months at co-creation space DoBe at Swedbank Latvia HQ with probably the best view in Riga will challenge themselves and their ideas by working together with a broad network of mentors to accelerate their business and to have fun.

List of startups:

Credit Click (Kazakhstan/Russia) — mortgage management platform connecting companies with clients and banks. (Estonia) — a secure digital courier to move confidential data where both ends are verified and only intended receiver can access information.

iklim (Estonia/Turkey) — early warning service that detects lightnings, hails and thunderstorms as they are approaching you.

Lahdes (Latvia) — an encrypted white label digital safety deposit box which provides partner organization’s end users with ability to digitally deposit, store and transfer their information inside a highly secure environment.

Ninja Lender (Ukraine) — exchange of rejected loan applications for banks and lending companies.

Partly (Latvia) — Tinderizing on-demand jobs.

Paylock (Ghana) — a digital escrow-as-a-service platform that helps international buyers/sellers and african importers/exporters to secure their funds and transact business in total confidence, knowing their funds are safe until all obligations of a transaction are met.

talent4gig (Switzerland/USA and Italy) — creating a future workforce model that allows companies to seamlessly access an on-demand, global talent pool to take advantage of growth opportunities.

TradersAlloy (Sweden/UK) — helps retail investors make data-driven decisions; beautifully visualized.

Second Fintech batch will be managed by Managing Director Lone Jensen (Denmark), Program Manager Evita Kreile (Latvia) and Fintech Program Director Juan Alonso-Villalobos (Spain) as the strategic driver.

The leading B2B startup accelerator in Europe helping tech founders build great companies.

The leading B2B startup accelerator in Europe helping tech founders build great companies.