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3 min readOct 13, 2020


Meet the 12 startups that have been selected for the Wise Guys Fintech 4 acceleration program run in partnership with the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) through its TaiwanBusiness — EBRD Technical Cooperation Fund. The program will be led from Vilnius, Lithuania with online and on-site modules, and hosted at the fintech hub ROCKIT. This is the first time in Startup Wise Guys history having 6 Lithuanian teams in one program, the other countries represented in the program are Estonia, Russia, Georgia, and the Czech Republic.

The acceleration program will run from October 2020 until February 2021. Besides initial investment, selected startups go through an intense mentor-ship driven program and an office space for the duration of the program. The program is run with additional knowledge and industry partners Findec, OP Bank, Oracle for Startups, ROCKIT, SEB Bank, Sorainen and our long term Fintech program partner Swedbank.

Meet the teams selected for the program:

Dserve (Lithuania) — developing Self-Service Checkout for Retailers & Restaurants to serve clients faster, cheaper and conveniently.

ForPeeps (Estonia) — an open banking mobile bank to give customers and companies better UX and more services using B2B2C model.

Heavy Finance (Lithuania) — a crowdlending platform where you can invest in loans backed by heavy machinery.

IPOhub (Estonia) — a Pan European aggregator platform for public SMEs, where individuals can invest in any IPOs and shares.

Monevio (Lithuania) — enables brands to deliver embedded finance and better fintech products faster.

Okredo (Lithuania) — an open data platform that enables businesses to uncover full potential and risks providing free credit scores and insights.

Pay2U (Russia) — is developing a platform that engages customers and gains their LTV by embedding partners offers into mobile apps.

Payze (Georgia) — is building one Stop shop for all e-commerce related online payments.

Properenty (Lithuania) — all in one rental process and management solution for landlords.

Realtorify (The Czech Republic) — is developing a set of data-driven tools so property professionals can make smarter real estate decisions.

Watalook (Lithuania) — beauty freelancers booking platform with SaaS and marketplace combined together.

Xpass (Estonia) — creating a digital identity in Mexico that helps online companies never ask you to fill sign up forms again.

We have already accelerated and invested in more than 30 Fintech startups such as EstateGuru, ONDATO, PayQin, Investly and others as part of our B2B SaaS and Fintech focused programs. Wise Guys Fintech 4 will be the third Fintech program held in Lithuania and fourth Fintech focused program for SWG in general. Previous Fintech programs were run in partnership with Swedbank, and other competence partners such as Google for Startups, Sorainen.

The program will be held in Lithuania — “one of Europe’s Most Exciting Fintech Hotspots” according to Forbes. The country has a lot to offer for early stage startups, especially in the Fintech area. The startup ecosystem is friendly and buzzing with Fintech and tech events and having all important connections within a hands’ reach. Lithuania is also the only jurisdiction in the EU to have a special-purpose banking license, allowing the foundation of a bank with registered capital of just €1M EUR. Baltics overall rank on highest positions in terms of starting and ease of doing business and to accommodate non-EU founders all 3 countries have special startup visa regimes.

Wise Guys Fintech 4 program is part of the “Financial instrument “Accelerator fund”, financed by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)”. This will be the third program run under this financial instrument, the first program for B2B SaaS startups was successfully completed in June 2019 by 12 startups, whereas Fintech 3 was completed in February 2020 with 9 Fintech startups graduating.



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