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2 min readOct 17, 2018


From drones to HR, from developer tools to e-commerce solutions, event production and more — here they are — 10 startups that have gotten through a tough selection process among 400 others and are selected for Startup Wise Guys 12th acceleration program. Taking into account broad geographic spectrum of applications — from Baltics to India and Armenia, as well as fierce competition, we can say for sure — worth to watch these guys'n'girls!

Startup Wise Guys Batch 12 on the program opening day

After having numerous batches with great variety of nationalities, this batch for a change could be named a Baltic one. There are 3 Estonian, 2 Lithuanian and 1 Latvian startup on board. Armenia and Ukraine continue their strong position in application process and a team per country has gotten in the accelerator.

While having plenty of applicants from Eastern Europe is an established trend, it is not that typical to attract Western European founders for acceleration in the Baltics. Lately, however, there has been increasing interest, probably mostly due to Estonian unicorns and great marketing efforts. Similar tendency can be observed for Indian founders, who are willing to explore European market and see Baltics as a gateway to do that.

List of startups:

Consorto (Estonia) — Consorto is a marketplace that allows global professionals to buy and sell European commercial real estate from a single smart platform.

Haylend (Armenia) — For private investors, who want to get higher returns compared to traditional deposits offered by banks and simultaneously keep the risk of investment low, we are developing a web-based investment platform to invest in loan portfolios of foreign banks and loan organizations worldwide through buying the claims of loan ownership.

DronePilot (Latvia) — Everything you need to fly your drone wisely.

eXpact (Estonia) — Expact makes international Tech recruitment seem as easy as swiping in Tinder.

LevelUp (Denmark) — We make video analysis easy for sports teams.

Razzby (Lithuania) — Swiss army knife for business events

Vumonic (India) — Vumonic Technologies is a data intelligence company which is in the business of furnishing competitive intelligence on value share and volume share to the e-commerce and e-tail industries.

Zelos (Estonia) — Gamified management app for unleashing the full potential of large teams.

Zirity (Ukraine) — Zirity provides on-line shops with try-on tools. This allows shops to sell more and decrease purchased product return rate.

ZitiCity (Lithuania) — ZITICITY — the new standard for same-day urban deliveries.

Batch 12 is managed by Managing Director Alexandra Balkova from Ukraine and with experience in a VC fund WannaBiz, Program Manager Darja Ogorodnik, fresh from Estonian startup Veriff that has gone through YC program, and Startup Wise Guys Global CEO Cristobal Alonso as the strategic driver.



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